Tuition Rates

Our Rates at the Learning Program

Rates are determined utilizing methods of best practices in business management and upon  yearly review of profit margins and wage increases for staff.

Times Infant Room (2 years and under) Toddler Room (3 years and older)
Full Day (7:30 am - 4:30 pm) $50/day $45/day
Half Day $35/day $35/day
Enrollment Fee: $50 One-time, Non-refundable

Best Beginnings Scholarship

Wild Wonders Early Learning Program does accept the Best Beginnings Scholarship! This state funded and mandated scholarship assists income eligible families with the cost of child care, families are responsible for any tuition and fees not covered. Learn more and apply here:

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From building authentic respectful relationships with each individual child, providing home cooked organic and locally sourced meals, to opportunities for families to participate at events hosted at the program, your child’s unique development and each families’ diverse culture is fostered and supported through every interaction. We support families as the leading experts of their child. Wild Wonders provides a platform for open communication, mutual respect and learning, to partner with families and help drive the individual learning goals in each child’s educational journey.