Organic Meals

Nutrition Matters

We offer organic, home-cooked, family-style meals for all our guests. We believe that nutrition is a key component of development, so we have developed meal plans that offer a wide variety of high quality foods – all cooked in-house and served with love.

We participate in the Montana Harvest of the Month Program. Learn more about it here.

We also participate in the Child and Adult Care Food Program. For more information, click here.

We take into account a child’s nutritional requirements, allergies, and certain limitations at all times. Please talk to our staff about more information on how we can accommodate your Child’s dietary needs.

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From building authentic respectful relationships with each individual child, providing home cooked organic and locally sourced meals, to opportunities for families to participate at events hosted at the program, your child’s unique development and each families’ diverse culture is fostered and supported through every interaction. We support families as the leading experts of their child. Wild Wonders provides a platform for open communication, mutual respect and learning, to partner with families and help drive the individual learning goals in each child’s educational journey.