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BriAnne Moline

Owner & Lead Early Childhood Educator

BriAnne is a 4th generation Montanan, mother of 4 boys between 4-16 years old. BriAnne and her children are an avid outdoors family who enjoy camping, hiking, foraging, visiting national parks, and exploring nature in any way possible. BriAnne is an accomplished Early Childhood Education (ECE) professional with over 15 years of experience dedicated to shaping the future through high-quality care and education. Armed with an Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees in ECE and a strong track record, BriAnne’s commitment to children, families and the early childhood field is evident in her diverse roles. As the Owner of Wild Wonders Early Learning Program since 2017, BriAnne has achieved a Star 4 rating on the Stars to Quality system and initiated the NAFCC Accreditation process. As the Co-Founder/Co-Director of the Montana Family Childcare Network established 2022, she spearheads initiatives like the Home-Based Early Childcare Mentorship Program and an annual Home-Based Educator Conference for Montana educators, highlighting her ongoing dedication to advocating for diverse and cutting-edge professional development and mentorship in the field.

BriAnne’s extensive experience includes facilitating national leadership training for family educators with organizations such as National Association for Family Child Care and Homegrown Child Care, and actively contributes to early childhood systems advocacy at local, state, and national levels. A passionate advocate for diversity, inclusion, and family involvement, she embodies her personal mission of nurturing each child’s individuality and developing a community that envelopes children, families and educators so they can all flourish. As a lover of learning and challenging herself to expand her knowledge and perceptions as well as a critical thinking Early Childhood Educator Advocate, BriAnne Moline stands at the forefront of championing a better future for children, families, and communities through her unwavering dedication to early childhood education.

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From building authentic respectful relationships with each individual child, providing home cooked organic and locally sourced meals, to opportunities for families to participate at events hosted at the program, your child’s unique development and each families’ diverse culture is fostered and supported through every interaction. We support families as the leading experts of their child. Wild Wonders provides a platform for open communication, mutual respect and learning, to partner with families and help drive the individual learning goals in each child’s educational journey.